Judy Hartman

Judy Hartman’s vivacious and energetic teaching style comes from a true love of horses, children, and her continuing desire to help others grow as equestrian athletes. Her positivity is rooted in her belief in the classical training process and her love of learning and sharing her knowledge with others.  Judy teaches both children and adults, from true beginners to seasoned competitors. Her fun, encouraging attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her an amazing teacher with whom riders can grow in a positive, safe, and enriching environment. Judy’s vision is to create equestrian athletes who view riding as a passion, rather than a pastime.

Judy grew up in Grass Valley, California, where at the age of 4, her relationship with horses began. When she was 9 years old, she joined the 4-H club in Nevada County, where she met her lifelong mentor and teacher, Lucy Parker. From Lucy, Judy learned to appreciate the ways in which people and horses can bond and grow together.

While Judy has loved horses and riding her entire life, she did not become a professional until 1996. As a teen, she was an avid competitor in show jumping and found her love of eventing. After joining the United States Marine Corps in 1995, Judy proudly represented the USMC Equestrian Team, where she competed in Service Show Jumping and Tent Pegging while overseas. Corporal Hartman was the first and only female ever to represent the USMC in these events. She credits her time in the Marine Corps with teaching her tenacity, discipline, and a “never give up” attitude. After completing her military service, Judy began her work as a barn manager at an eventing stable in Southern Pines, North Carolina where she helped with the local 4-H Club and Pony Club.  A few years later, Judy broadened her skills managing a barn in Gardnerville, Nevada.

After moving to Texas in 2005, Judy founded Milestone Farm, (later Milestone Riding Academy) located in Driftwood, but it was not until 2018 that Judy found her true home, Pink Crown Farms in Longview. She has trained with the likes of United States Eventing Olympic Gold Medalist David O’ Connor and his wife, Karen O’Connor for many years, and of course, she still works with her beloved role model, Lucy Parker.

Judy specializes in bringing along green horses and riders through 4th level dressage and preliminary level eventing, and she continues ongoing training to master her own riding.  She is a lifelong learner who truly enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, and her passion is evident in all that she does.  For Judy, there’s never an ending to training, learning, and loving horses. It’s a journey that never that has no final destination.


Pink Crown Farms is proudly owned and operated by Brad and Betsy Stebbins.